The Heroes

Who are The Immortals?

Five warriors, created at the dawn of time by the goddesses to help humanity.

The ancient warriors have been nearly forgotten, though magic lives on — in vampires, werewolves, the Celtic Sidhe, and other beings. Now they must be summoned to counteract the evil designs of Tain, an Immortal gone rogue.

The trouble is, the Immortals are not very interested in the fate of the world any more, and four determined witches must convince them that their help is sorely needed.


The oldest Immortal
Born: 2500 BC, Ancient Egypt
Goddess: Isis
Weapon: Sword that morphs into a cobra
Special skill: Ability to calm (tranquilize) with his mind


Born: 1500 BC Goddess: Sekhmet (Fire-breathing “Eye of Re”)
Weapons: Body tattoos that become weapons
Special skill: Ability to make 2D objects become 3D


Born: 968 BC
Goddess: Uni (Mother goddess of the Etruscans, later known as Juno)
Weapon: Crystal-tipped spear
Special skill: Ability to apparate over distances


Born: 325 BC (Time of Alexander the Great)
Goddess: Kali (Goddess of creation and destruction)
Weapon: Sword that bursts into flame
Special skill: Affinity with animals


Born: AD 72 in Roman Britain
Goddess: Cerridwen
Weapon: Roman Bronze Short Swords
Special Skill: Healing

Manannán mac Lir aka “Mac”

Born: AD 1295
Background: Son of Lir (Celtic God of the Sea) and Niniane (Sidhe Queen of Annwyn)
Weapon: Elfshot
Special Skill: Illusion and Glamour

Nick Blackhawk

Born: AD 1975
Background: Descended from a forgotten branch of Iroquois
Special Skill: Dream walker and chameleon (able to assume the physical form of any living creature larger than a breadbox)

Logan Wright

Background: Once the Pack Master (enforcer) for his werewolf pack, left under a cloud of scandal. Now a detective in the paranormal division of police in Los Angeles.
Weapon: Teeth, claws, and attitude
Special Skill: Werewolf

Jackson Cabot

Born: AD 1872
Background: A scion of Boston aristocracy, Jackson was once heir to a family fortune before he died and was turned Vampire in 1890s Paris.
Special skill: Jackson has discovered a way to horde Vampire magic, rendering him much more powerful than his mere century as a vampire would suggest.  But is he strong enough to challenge the brutal Vampire who was once his lord and master?   

Cai Marcena

Born: 500 or so BC
Background: Etruscan-born, he was turned vampire so long ago, he no longer remembers being human. When the Romans came, he changed his name to Gaius Marcenas, but later returned to Cai. 
Special skill: He’s an Old One, very strong, very powerful, and has the knowledge of the ages.